Does selling drugs online really work?

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Does selling drugs online really work?

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I have been involved with a home based business for many years.  in February, I will be 9 years as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator with my Graceful Impressions business.  Over this time, I reckon that the online component has increased substantially – not just for me, but for all other craft demos as well – to the point that if you don’t have an online presence, then basically, you are dead in the water business-wise.

In early 2018, I am about to launch another arm of my craft business; selling heat pressed and sublimated merchandise.  Again, this will require a substantial online presence to make the business work.  It is time consuming to have an online business, even though people believe that if you work form home, you have all the time int he world.  That maybe true for some, but really, the time you put into your business – whether it be a traditional bricks and mortar shop, a dairy farm or an online business – will dictate how successful you are at it.   They all require work.  In fact, I have found that unless firm boundaries are set early on, online businesses can become all consuming.  They take up all your time and focus because let’s face it, these days, we are connected 24/7.  We are online all the time and the temptation to answer emails after hours, or package up orders at night when we should be having down time, or working throughout the weekend is sometimes overpowering.

But even putting in an inordinate amount of time developing, massaging and preening an online business, I have found that it is tough.  Bloody tough.  Sometimes, ridiculously tough.  When I started out, you simply needed a blogsite.  Then you needed to photograph every project and provide instructions or links.  Then successful demos starting offering online classes.  Then the crafting community moved on to doing YouTube clips of them actually making their projects.  And if you weren’t up with all that, you were not even a blip on the average crafters computer screen.

Which leads me to my initial post topic….online drug selling.  Does it really work?  I assume it does, because I imagine that they flood the market with the hope that they pick up a small percentage.  I ask this question because I just deleted 4,500+ comments (to mainly one of my posts on this website) that was related to selling drugs and medications online.  Quite obviously, all the spam people out there have hooked onto that one post (there was really only one other post that attracted any spam and it was minor) and since October, all those comments have flooded in.  Some were about essay writing (but I bet they were about sex), others were blatantly about porn.  But the vast, VAST majority was trying to get me to click on buying Ritalin or prednisone, or endone, or drugs I have never heard of!

Even if most of these comments and emails are computer generated, someone has to code it.  Someone has to set it up.  Knowing the workload to create and maintain online info, there are people out there that are putting in some serious hours.  And knowing the amount of time I put into MY business and the minuscule returns I got for it, I have to wonder at just how much $$ is being made on this illicit market given that they are still going strong.  Very strong.

Now to work out how to turn off comments for that post…….