Fat Unfeeling Farmers Fingers

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Fat Unfeeling Farmers Fingers

Category : Dairy industry , Family , Funny

For a good many years now, I have had a bit of a dig at Mark in regards to his hands. A typical dairy farmer, they are large, calloused and very strong.  He works with them every single day and he is always amazed every time we go away how they clean up real nice!

The thing is though, Mark has no idea how hard and how strong his hands actually are.  Yes, they have cradled all our babies with utmost gentleness.  Yes, they have managed to do delicate tasks like doing up some of my jewellery.  But pretty much, on the whole, they are tough and – quite frankly – painful!

When Mark tickles, it hurts.  When he attempts a massage, it hurts.  When he playfully grabs at your knee, it HURTS (I cried once!).  So for many years, I have referred to his extremities as “Fat Unfeeling Farmers Fingers”.  Mark has even been stymied by the size of some smart phones, because his fingers mess up the buttons (he now owns a Samsung Galaxy, not really because of features, but because of size).

So, I was amused when I was forwarded this blog post by my mum, of a fellow local dairy farmer, and her experience of this “Fat Finger Syndrome”.  It appears that I am not alone!