Our Background

The old Craiglands Dairy milk cart

The old Craiglands Dairy milk cart

The Billing family have been milking cows at our current farm site since 1928. However, the proud tradition of dairy farming goes back many years and can be traced to both Tasmania (Aust) and England. The property name “Craiglands” has therefore been with the family for many years. The business name “Craiglands Partnership” was created in 2001 to not only pay homage to the generations of past ancestors, but also to allow current and future family members to enter and exit the business whilst retaining a stable and ongoing presence in the industry.

Mark’s dad, Alan, milking in the old herringbone¬†dairy

More recently, since the start of registering our Holstein cows, we have been identifying ourselves with the name “Craiglands Holsteins”.

Craiglands is a family owned partnership consisting of Mark and Sam Billing. Mark is the 4th generation to be farming on this property.