Our Business

Our Vision:

A profitable, generational farm business

Our Mission:

To be seen as a high performing dairy business, employing best practices in people, animals and production

Our Goals:

We have set goals surrounding three main areas of the farm business: environmental, production and people.

Our environmental goals strive to reduce our impact on the land and to effectively utilise by products on farm, thus reducing wastage and eliminating environmental contamination.

Our production goals aim to constantly improve productivity (and hence profitability) whilst always paying attention to the welfare and well being of the animals.  We aim to continually employ the use of technology to drive our business into the future.

Our people goals are twofold; we recognise that to operate our business, we need to employ outside of the family and as such, we have a huge responsibility to all of our staff from an OH&S perspective as well as supporting and encouraging them to improve and develop their skills base.  An increasingly important part of our business which is not linked to profitability fall under the goal of ambassadorship.  We truly believe that we are ideally located and educated across all areas of the industry and are excellent representatives of the industry to local, urban and other groups.  We take this role extremely seriously and go out of our way to accomodate groups that wish to improve their knowledge of the industry.

Delivering information to Thomas Carr students on the milking process

Delivering information to Thomas Carr students on the milking process

Fonterra marketing staff visiting on farm

Fonterra marketing staff visiting on farm

All dairy businesses are made up of many parts; pastures, livestock, people, finances, technology…. and dairy farm owners and managers have to be across all of these topics.  Modern day farm managers must have a good understanding of not only their own business, but also the national and international climate in which their business operates.

Dairy Australia states that Australian dairy is a $13 billion farm, manufacturing and export industry. With a farmgate value alone of $4 billion, the Australian dairy industry enriches regional Australian communities.

Over 6,000 Australian dairy farmers produce around 9.7 billion litres of milk a year. The Australian dairy industry directly employs nearly 40,000 Australians on farms and in factories, while more than 100,000 Australians are indirectly employed in related service industries.

Dairy is also one of Australia’s leading rural industries in terms of adding value through downstream processing. Much of this processing occurs close to farming areas, thereby generating economic activity in country regions. (Dairy Australia, website 2016)

Dairy regions across Australia

Dairy regions across Australia

Our own business has been in operation since 1928, and has seen some significant changes in the genetics, the management and the marketing of products.  There has also been huge leaps in education and training for all levels of farm employees and managers both in formal and informal settings.