Over the years, Craiglands has mainly relied on family members to provide all the labour needed to operate the business. However, times change and the scale of the operation has expanded greatly. It is impossible to do absolutely everything ourselves (and not go crazy) and over the past 10 years, our staffing levels have increased.

Currently, we directly employ 5 staff members (full time, part time and casual) to assist in the operation of our business on a day to day basis, but through the strategic use of advisors, vets, agronomists, contractors, banks, accountants, filed officers and others, you could say that we indirectly employ many people.

Profiles of our us and our direct employees are listed below.

Mark Billing

Mark Billing Partner/Owner

Mark undertook a dairy apprenticeship in the late 80’s under his grandfather and father. His love of the business and the industry has seen him become involved in a number of committees, review panels and advisory groups. Mark has acquired management and leadership skills and experience via his role as Group Officer for Corangamite Group (CFA) and is able to apply these learnings to the various roles he performs.

Currently, Mark is the a Director of the Bonlac Supply Group and is Chairman of the Fonterra Australia Farmers Forum.

Mark believes in giving young and new entrants into the industry a chance and as such, has welcomed a number of trainees into the business. Mark has been, and continues to be, the driving force behind implementing technology into the farm business.

Sam Simpson (Billing), Partner/Owner

Sam Simpson (Billing) Partner/Owner

Sam also believes in bringing youth into the business, and has a role of educating 200+ students of Thomas Carr College (Werribee) (about 24 students per month) on the dairy industry from an international and national perspective, all the way to the farm gate. Sam also sits on the steering committee for the MIR Committee which is looking at developing technology for use in Australia to identify feed efficiency through milk sampling.

Sam has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture), a Graduate Diploma in Frontline Management, a Post Grad Diploma in Agribusiness and a Masters of Marketing (Agribusiness). She has recently applied, and was successful, to undertake a PhD in a dairy topic. This study is awaiting funding formalisation.

Trevor Farquharson

Trevor Farquharson

Trevor came to us after following a career path that saw him start in dairy and eventually return to it.  Trevor originated from a dairy farm run by his father, but decided to pursue other interests after working in the family business for some time.  After spending a number of years working in retail in Colac, Trevor took up a position with us as initially a farm hand.  Trevor has risen through the ranks and is essentially the 2IC on the farm.  Trevor is responsible for supporting the overall business, assisting with work delegation of younger staff and takes an active role in crucial farm work such as sowing and harvest.  Trevor has been with us for 10 years.

Josh Robertson

Josh Robertson

Josh joined our business as someone with no experience in the dairy industry.  Josh (or Robbo as he’s known), has showed an incredible passion for the industry and truly engages in many farm tasks.  Robbo has completed a Certificate III in dairy through NCDE.  Robbo is also a dab hand with a gun, and plays an important role in keeping fox numbers of the property under control during the vulnerable calving season.

Sophie Robertson

Sophie Robertson

Sophie joined us after seeing her brother Josh become part of our team and thought that it would be a great business to work in (she is right!!).  Like Robbo, Sophie came to us with absolutely no dairy industry experience.  Sophie has displayed fantastic skills and knowledge development and has become a firm favourite in our team. Sophie has recently completed a Cert III in dairy through NCDE.  We look forward very much to see how she develops within the industry and how this will provide her with skills and experience for the future.  This year, Sophie started her Cert IV in dairy through SWTAFE.

Emily (pic coming) joined our team through a school based apprenticeship, but has since transferred over to a Cert III in dairy farming which she will complete in a few months.  Emily works approximately 4 days a week on farm primarily in the milking shed.  Since she turned 16yo, she has been allowed to ride the 4 wheeler and take on some extra duties.