Planning for 2018

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Planning for 2018

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A new calendar year always gives you the opportunity to start afresh.  It is a bit silly that a date on a calendar gives us the “permission” to do this, but nevertheless, we all do.

So today, I started some outlines of things that we will implement this year on farm, starting with breeding objectives and mating goals.  Over the past couple of years, we have been amassing quit a bit of information on the cows via herd tests, taking part in the Improving Herds project, submitting cows for Holstein Australia classifications and through genetically testing our calves for the past few years.  However, this information can become onerous quite quickly and what tends to happen is that it is simply set aside.  Today I worked out a rough plan of how we will start to integrate all this information together.  It’s going to take time and it will be a work in progress, but I hope that we will be able to have some firm records to measure ourselves against.

I was heartened to see that we had moved up 150+ places in Datagenes Genetic Progress Report since August 2017.  We hadn’t done particularly well in our sire selection for our 2014 drop cows, but things have picked up markedly with 2015’s data coming through.  And as I mentioned in the cow section, we joined our cows differently in 2017, so hopefully, we will see even more genetic gains as we go on.

I will also be taking more photos around the farm and uploading them on here throughout the year.  I will also be setting up a new page which will deal with current events on farm.  For those that are viewing our farm from urban areas, this will hopefully give you a better idea of the constant work that goes on within a dairy business.